Ballad of A Mother's Heart by Jose La Villa Tierra

The night was dark, for the moon was young
And the stars were asleep and rare;
The clouds were thick, yet Youth went out
To see his Maiden fair.

"Dear One," he pleaded as he knelt
Before her feet, in tears,
"My love is true; why have you kept
Me waiting all these years?"

The maiden looked at him unmoved,
It seemed, and whispered low:
"Persistent Youth, you have to prove 
By deeds your love is true."

"There's not a thing I would not do
For you, Beloved," said he.
"Then go," said she, "to your mother dear 
And bring her heart to me."

Without another word,
Youth left and went to his mother dear.
And opened her breast and took her heart.
He did not shed a tear!

Then back to his Maiden fair he ran,
Unmindful of the rain;
But his feet slipped and he fell down
And loud he groaned with pain!

Still in his hand he held the prize
That would win his Maiden's hand;
And he thought of his mother dear
So kind, so sweet, so fond.

And then he heard a voice,
Not from his lips but all apart:
"Get up," it said; "Were you hurt, Child?"
It was his mother's heart. 


ana banana said…
hi am very interested about this poem. Do you know the life of la villa tierra? i couldnt find any info about his date birth and death in the net. i'll really appreciate if you could tell me. thanks!
Renz said…
Jose La Villa Tierra comes from Atimonan, Quezon, Philippines. His philosophy of education is: "No man is truly educated until he has learned his two R's which are RIGHT and (W)RONG

Read more:
Anonymous said…
well, it's very touching and i felt i wanna cry:((((
secret... said…
i hate you son ? brutal, stupid man!!!!!!
Anonymous said…
I have read a preschool book which uses this poem but it was told in a form of story. It was entitled the legend of the lizard. Everything is told in the same manner but the ending was changed..
Ako Writer said…
awesome poem... i love the message!! thanks for posting this... ven though i know it by heart..
Anonymous said…
i will use ds poem as my final demo next monday. So help me God..'
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
nice has a gud msg:)
Anonymous said…
A very sincere story..
Anonymous said…
Dumb kid
Anonymous said…
the things people would do for love these days are sometimes so over rated...
Thanks, this really helped a lot
Kinda Sad Storry IT can help u

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